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Fight Adrenal Gland Burnout & Adrenal Gland Dysfunction with Marine Aminos

What is adrenal gland burnout and how do I fix it?

This question is often asked by many people in our stressed out society, especially mothers juggling a job and children. Everything goes back to our caveman past. Our evolution has provided us with an amazing flight or flight instinct. This served our distant ancestors well on the African Savannas when they were running flat out from a drooling lion or alligator.

When our flight or flight response is triggered our adrenal glands go into overdrive and juice up your body full of adrenalin and enhance the nerve signals between your brain and the rest of your body. The increased adrenalin triggers the mind to circulate blood only around the areas which are needed for survival, generally, heart, lungs, brain and legs.

Occasional use of our flight or fight response gives us super human strength and cognition powers. However, in modern society the same response is triggered on an almost continuous basis: the email from the boss, the screaming kids, the traffic, the low bank balance... All of it adds up and taxes your adrenal glands until there is simply nothing left to give, the result is adrenal gland burnout and the effects can be devastating.

Adrenal gland burnout, also known as adrenal gland dysfunction can result in a feeling of being perpetually tired, cranky and annoyed. It can lead to a foggy mind, low sex drive and feelings of depression and weight gain that not even the strongest triple espresso can fix. The saddest thing is, to remedy the adrenal dysfunction many of us turn to speedy energy drinks, coffee and donuts. These convenience store quick fixes may give you a short term buzz, but they tax and basically juice and twist what is left of your adrenals and worsen the problem and can make it permanent.

PotentSea® Marine Aminos are a rare blend of naturally occurring, non synthetic marine amino acids and minerals which feed the adrenal glands to create a state of adrenal health. Once you achieve adrenal health through the use of PotentSea® Marine Aminos you can return to your old self. You will enjoy sustained energy without annoying jitters. You will see a noticeable anti-aging effect. Your better hair, skin and nails will have everyone telling you that you look years younger. You will have all the energy and mental focus that a demanding job and children require.

In short, PotentSea® Marine Aminos will fight adrenal gland burnout and adrenal gland dysfunction helping you to be you again!

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Thank you PotentSea. I was struggling in school and was tired most of the time. I started taking 4 capsules a day and in the first couple days I really felt an increase in my energy.

My hair has grown so much in the past couple of months, my nails are stronger and grow faster, and my skin is much softer. The greatest improvement though would have to be my grades in school. Since I've been taking Potent Sea Sea Vegetables everyday, my grades have gone from about a 2.0 GPA to a 3.5 GPA. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, I will continue to enjoy its great abilities."**

Shelby Sturges, 15, Malibu CA

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