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Kombu also known as kelp, kombu seaweed, kombu cha or kombu sea vegetables, is a member of the brown marine algae family. The thick bladed seaweed grows in many locations. Species and sub-species exist in Japan, China, Korea and Alaska.

The benefits of kombu are well established. Kombu sea vegetable has been used in the Irish, Japanese and Chinese diets for centuries. It is rich in organic iodine. The health benefits of kombu range from wellness support, to thyroid balance and cancer prevention.

Organic kombu cha is a subspecies of kombu (in strong text) that grows mainly off the coast of China. The wide blades of the kombu marine plant are harvested in the springtime when the nutrient contents are at a peak. The kombu seaweed is then sun dried and packaged for use in seaweed supplements, ice cream (as a thickening agent) and cooking.

The rich marine mineral content in kombu has made it a vital source of nutrition for many coastal peoples around the globe.

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