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PotentSea® Sea Vegetables


PotentSea Organic Sea vegetable contain red brown and green marine algae. The five species that we use, kombu, bladderwrack, rockweed, sea lettuce and dulse are sustainably hand harvested and sun dried. Each April the gulf stream upwells deep nutrient rich waters to the north Atlantic near Maine, the Bay of Fundy and Iceland. The clean water then infuses the young sea vegetables with up to 80 trace minerals and amino acids.

Our crew then sets out by shore or on row boats with organic certifiers to hand harvest the sea vegetable fronds. We usually only give the young plants haircut, thus allowing the stem to continue to re-produce. PotentSea is the only brand to use the five species of raw, certified organic sea vegetables.

So why should you take sea vegetables?

The rich amount of organic iodine and trace minerals work to promote a healthy thyroid. Many Americans suffer from low thyroid condition known as hypothyroidism. Sign of hypothyroidism can include weight gain, low energy, poor hair, skin and nails, frequent lack of wellness, depression, lack of mental focus etc.

Many of the longest lived people in the world such as the Japanese found many years ago that diet rich in sea vegetables promotes longevity and vitality into old age while enhancing youthfulness, energy and well beings. With our depleted farm soils supplementing with PotentSea sea vegetables and other ocean nutrition product will help you achieve many of your health goals.

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My husband no longer takes Synthroid and instead manages his Thyroid levels with supplements, and Sea Vegetables are a must in his diet!! Thank you so much!**

Jody Anderson
Crystal Lake IL

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