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Sea Lettuce

Sea Lettuce is a sea vegetable belonging to the green marine algae family. Organic sea lettuce contains high amounts of bio available chlorophyll. Sea lettuce is a delicate green plant that resembles actual lettuce and is harvested in the tide pools off the coast of Maine. The benefits of sea lettuce range from cancer prevention to healthier hair, skin, and nails. Organic sea lettuce is used worldwide in soups and as a garnish. Sea lettuce has a unique aroma and is best used in a dry, raw powder form. When sea lettuce is cooked, it turns brown and develops a slightly bitter taste.

The delicate nature of sea lettuce makes is difficult to harvest. Sea lettuce harvesting takes place off the coast of Maine in the spring, and can be a daunting and even dangerous task. Pounding surf in the sea lettuce collection area tend to put harvesters at risk.

Our organic sea lettuce is extremely high in iron and protein (similar to dulse). Other benefits of sea lettuce include high trace marine mineral contents, including iodine, aluminum, manganese and nickel. Like dulse and most of our other sea veggies, sea lettuce provides considerable amounts of dietary fiber (31%). Since our sea veggies are low temp dried in the sun, sea lettuce enzymes remain active.

PotentSea® ensures the highest quality and processing for this unique and very healthy sea vegetable.

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PotentSea Sea Vegetables

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Thank you PotentSea. I was struggling in school and was tired most of the time. I started taking 4 capsules a day and in the first couple days I really felt an increase in my energy.

My hair has grown so much in the past couple of months, my nails are stronger and grow faster, and my skin is much softer. The greatest improvement though would have to be my grades in school. Since I've been taking Potent Sea Sea Vegetables everyday, my grades have gone from about a 2.0 GPA to a 3.5 GPA. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, I will continue to enjoy its great abilities."**

Shelby Sturges, 15, Malibu CA

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