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We ordered 20 bottles of Potent Sea Vegetable from our distributor and put many of our clients on it. I have had, all of them come back to me with improvement. More energy, improved digestion, better bowel movements and one woman reported she has fuller hair! My family and I are also loyal users. This product is Great!**

Sincerely, Gary Zoppi
Elite Nutrition (store owner)
31 Eseex street Nutley, N.J. 07110

I am suffering from lymphoma now and trying to strengthen my immune system before I go into radiation and chemotherapy treatment. I have noticed that my overall health is getting optimized by taking the PotentSea® Sea Vegetables, and would also like to introduce it to my friends as well.**

Yoshiko Ueda-Japan

Thank You Chris for letting me try your product. I have seen and felt many changes in myself since I've been taking your product. I'm 15 years old and before I started taking PotentSea® Sea Vegetables, I was struggling in school and was tired most of the time. I started taking 4 capsules a day and in the first couple days I really felt an increase in my energy. My hair has grown so much in the past couple of months, my nails are stronger and grow faster, and my skin is much softer. The greatest improvement though would have to be my grades in school. Since I've been taking PotentSea® Sea Vegetables everyday, my grades have gone from about a 2.0 GPA to a 3.5 GPA. Thank you so much for your wonderful product, I will continue to enjoy its great abilities.**

Shelby Sturges, 15, Malibu CA

When you open a bottle of Goldleaf Sustainable Sea Veggies and cut the safety seal, the aroma of the sea bursts forth like a whiff of freshly-ground coffee. This is real, this is green and this is good. I have been taking these Sea Veggies every day for two years and, through stressful times and a demanding job, I have not been sick — not even close. I have maintained my health and vibrancy, and I know it is in large part due to those little capsules filled with life from the source of life: The earth's oceans. The capsules contain five species of sea vegetables, all of which contain different nutrients vital to a healthy human body. It shows you right on the bottle what the sea vegetables are and what vitamins and minerals they contain. They are harvested in earth-friendly fashion from the purest ocean waters. Try them and remember what it's like to feel good!**

Tina Forde, 62
Business editor, daily newspaper
Tehachapi, California

"A new study from the University of South Carolina Cancer Center has shown that supplementing with 5 grams of sea vegetables per day can boost thyroid output in postmenopausal women by increasing TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)

Seaweed is a natural source of iodine. Increased iodine increases TSH, which increases the output of your thyroid. Weight loss difficulty can often be rooted in low thyroid output.

In a double blind placebo controlled study, 25 women were given either 10 capsules per day of sea vegetables or a placebo. The experimental group showed a small but statistically significant increase in TSH levels."**

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